Sunday, 29 July 2012

tie dye + Saturday!

Last weekend Caitlin and I tie-dyed , and it turned out really well!

 For bow tie day at camp I made a bow tie out of some fabric I tie-dyed!
2 weekends ago me and Lara went to fabricland and got a bunch of stuff on sale! She got this funky fabric and made this skirt! The total cost of her skirt was only 7 dollars! WOW! We went to the Distillery distract and looked at cool art, then we explored some random parks in the city!

 I am not sure how I feel about this edit, but I have wanted to try something like it for a while!

this is the original photo!
 The funky texture

 There was hop-scotch / made painted on the sidewalk! It was awesome!



Sunday, 15 July 2012

kate's Cottage!

 Cool prop Kate and I made!

Heheh these photos didn't work out as well as we planned!

 Kate can drive her family's boat so we went out during sunset!

I tired to take photos through the eye hole in the disposible camera- I think it looks kinda funky!

Saturday, 30 June 2012

start of summer!

 Caitlin took these of me! She is an awesome photographer too, and she uses my camera when we go on adventures!

 Cute kitty!

 The Bluffs

 Caitlin took these 4 photos, there fantastic!

 I am on the tortellini bus for camp, so I made felt tortellini for the kids!