Monday, 30 December 2013

Winter Break

I am so behind with photography! It was my first term of University and things just got super busy and photography was put in the back of my mind. :( . Thankfully I have a long winter break to get back into the photo-taking groove and these are some photos from my winter adventures so far! 

ICE STORM- There was a major ice storm here in Toronto, everything froze and there was a thick layer of ice coating EVERYTHING! A ton of tree branches feel with the weight of the ice knocking down wires and leaving most of the city without electricity. Luckily my house didn't lose power and I was able to make my annual gingerbread cookies! 
The Dogwood looked so cool! 

 Icy Yew's

 The street

Yikes this branch was huge ^ 

Can you spot the semi eaten cookie? :P  

 More ice (because its just so pretty)

These photos are from my reunion with friends from STEP- Students of Toronto for Environmental Progress (Click to like the page), a youth group I was lucky to be part of last year! We went skating and exploring at the Evergreen Brickworks!
 Check out those ice covered trees!

 Pallavi (in the middle)is not the biggest fan of skating!

 Then on Saturday I went back to the Evergreen Brickworks to volunteer and then go Geocaching ( < click to understand what geocaching is!!!) with some new friends! It was my first time and it is so cool! 
 We found a hidden valley with a tree house!
And an abandoned train light 
 This is the log book in the cache we found 
 the Cache was hidden in a tree!
There was also a toy car inside!

So far the holidays have been good! It's be weird having nothing to stress about! I will have more photos to come especially after my meetup with some other amazing photographers! 

Monday, 16 September 2013

Reem and Aya meetup

I met up with the fablous Reem and Aya at UofT today! I didn't take too many photos, but I had a great time!

 I need to fee-lens more often! I love the effect!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Last day of summer!

This is it! The last few hours of freedom before I hop into the unknown world of University! I am a little bit nervous, but mostly excited! Anyways, today I spent the day with Jess, a super fun, beautiful and awesome former photography club member! We expored some epic new locations at the Evergreen Brickworks park! It was sooooo amazing to take photos again! I haven't in weeks and today just reminds me of how much I love it!
 My New fav photo location!

 Jess is so beautiful!


 There were lots of furry friends swimming in the Lagoon!

 It rained for a little!
 :D :D 

 I think shooting through willow leaves is my new favorite thing! It creates such an awesome effect!

 Inch worm!

 Great Blue Heron!! 
When I got home this adorable bunny was in the backyard! Awww