Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Jessica's Cottage!

This long weekend I went way up north to Jessica's cottage, just a few minutes west of Algonquin Park! It was such a fun weekend in the most beautiful place! We swam, hiked, kayacked (I fell in), biked, cooked and played some pretty intense blockus games! I had a great time!! 

What they call their cottage!

 Bird's nest right on their front deck!
 This is Murphy! The cutest dog in the world!!

 We hiked up to an outpost lake 
 There were so many fresh blueberries and raspberries 

 Learned the diffrence between Fir (left) and spruce (middle and right) 

 Had some fun light painting!

 The stars were amazing!!

 I took these while riding a bike no hands- I felt pretty fufilled!

 Carylon and Jess!! 

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