Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Spring photoshoot with Genya!

This Saturday I went on a photoshoot (the first in a long time) with Genya (an amazing fellow photographer) ! It was a great day, all the buds had just started blooming, it was so beautiful outside and I really enjoyed taking photos again!

Everything is turning green again! I am beyond excited! 

 The Weeping Wall


There was so much horsetail growing all over the place! 

Genya is so beautiful!  

 It was so nice being by the river! 

 Took a quick tour of the train tracks! 
 Then we went inside the brickworks to grab some snacks and met these Owls that were there for Family Nature Day! wow , they were pretty cool! 

^teheheh! This baby owl is kinda funny looking :D 

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