Monday, 1 July 2013

Lost Rivers Outdoor Movie

Last Wednesday I watched my first outdoor movie at Fort York with some friends from STEP. The movie was a documentry on the Lost Rivers in citys around the world! It was very intresting. Before the movie started we explored Fort York and took a ton of golden hour photos! It was my first time shooting at golden hour and it was AMAZING!! 

 The fire has such a cool photo effect!
 There were a bunch of community gardens in Fort York, and I thought this sign was AWESOME! 
 Ok so me and my friends are kinda creepy and we loved this girls hat-head thing, so Caitlin (the blur on the left) told me to pretend to take a pic of her , while actually taking a pic of the girl with the cool hair thing- well the girl with the cool hair thing photobombed , not knowing we were actually trying to get a photo of her ! heheh!! 

 FIRE!!! Marshmellows! YUMMM!!
 The Light was soo nice!

 Native Blackeyed Susan
 I got so many amazing bird stock photos!

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