Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Mini Meetup: Day 1

Today I got up bright and early (ok , not as early as Danielle) to meet Danielle! She got up really early and took the 7am train to Toronto! We epicly walked towards eachother in union station, than began our day of adventures! We took the ferry to wards island and explored all day! Unfourtunally we couldn't swim due to TO's crappy sewer system, which flooded and put gross water into the lake :/ 
BUT we visited the almost empty beach, had yummy nachos and a watermelon smoothie and then ventured back across the water to my house! 
Here are my fav photos from today..... 

 So Foggy out! 

 Ewww, there was so much bird poo and this platform! All the birds flocked away when we came! 



Pretty Flowers at the Cafe!

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