Thursday, 18 July 2013

St. John's: Day 2

Day 2 in St. John's was AMAZING! Maddie and her fab-fam are so amazing and sweet!! We woke up pretty early, ate some waffles then went to Borwring Park ( like 2 blocks from Maddies house) and explored! WOW- it's one amazing park! we hung out by the river and explored some trails! The water was FREEZING, but it was nice, then that afternoon we headed up to Cape Spear- the most easternly place in all of North America! It was sooooo beautiful there!!!!!! You could see whales off the shore puffing out there water ( I don't know the correct term for that) and it was SO beautiful! slahdkjsahdjkahsdjkhad ( I can't even explain it) 

 Rainbow Beard!
 I though this was a penguin from far away...

 view of the ocean from Cape Spear

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