Tuesday, 23 July 2013

St John's: Last days

I can't even begin to explain how amazing my trip to St. John's was! From the moment I saw Maddie and her mom standing there waiting for me I knew it would be an amazing week- which it was! NL is amazing, the people are sweet, the weather is a tiny bit chilly- but so amazing in comparison to the insanely hot Toronto, and most importantly it is sooo soo soooooo breathtakingly beautiful! Ahhh even in the heart of the downtown you can see the ocean or tree covered hills! About 90% of the houses are painted the most colourful colours, which just makes me smile! I had an amazing time, I  am missing Maddie, Jasper, Sydney, Leon and Jackie so much :-( but i am positive that  I will be back there again some day!  

Here are the photos from my last days in NL! The first ones are from the weekend at Maddie's family cabin , then sunset on signal hill and finally my last morning spent at Bowring park!

 We Went to a market and Maddie got this super cute cupcake!
 On the ride up to the cabin
 Creds to Maddie and I we both edited and shoot this together for fun!

 She is so sweet!
 The fog was awesome!!

 Maddie braved the "cold" water for me- it really wasn't too cold! I swam!
 Maddie's sister Sydney!


 Maddie on guitar!! <3 <3 
 Experimenting with cool light and smoke things!!
 We played Blockus soo much! It was awesome!

 Meet Puffy my puffin!
At the waterfall
 (creds to Maddie- but I edited and pressed the remote button) ^

 Behind the scenes!
 So beautiful here!

 Drive back to Maddie's house!
 Back in Bowring park

 The plane ride home 
I am going to miss this place and these amazing people like CRAZY, but I know I will be back there again some day!


  1. These pictures are more than perfection. I acn't stop seeing them and I guess these are such a great memorie of your trip. Your trip to NL is just berathtaking and these wonderful picture can show it. I'm so happy and so jealous, you guys have been together.

    1. Thanks Béa!! They are great memories! One day we will all be together!!

  2. This is so cool! I know exactly what you're feeling, I love meeting with my online friends too. These pictures are amazing, you should print them out and put in an album, you'll be happy to look at them in the future :) Keep on shooting!