Thursday, 18 July 2013

St. John's: DAY 1

The day finally has come! I got up bright and early and got on the plane ( 1st time on a plane since I was 4) to  St. Johns Newfoundland to meet Maddie and stay with her amazing family! I had a window seat and sat beside an awesome older couple going to St. Johns for a vacation! It was so neat seeing Toronto and St. Johns from above (everyone on the plane was going "wow", "omg" "it's amazing" when we began to fly down to St. Johns airport)! I saw maddie and her mom once I arrived in the airport and we spent the rest of the day downtown then to Signal hill that night! 

 Lammas at the petting zoo when we stoped to get potatoes!!

 The City is so pertty!!! All the houses are colourful!! ITS AMAZING!!

 View of the harbor from Signal Hill

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